Get Whipped!
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Artist's Comments
Full Contact Frisbee: I drew this cartoon after we had quite a lengthy discussion about having some kind of “contact sport” that guys want to do. One of us, I forget who, said, “Yeah, contact sport, but just not too rough...” This is the compromise.
Paintball: As a “Bond” card this is one of the most popular images that I drew. I don't know why. I thought it turned out OK, but everyone I show it too goes, “Oooohhhhh... paintball”. Maybe they just like the stubble look.
Two beefy guys watching the game on TV. What could be more true of the male gender. It's what we do, and what our bottoms were built for.
This drawing was one that came out of reading “Iron John” by Robert Bly many moons ago. I liked the book, and recommend it to anyone. I wanted to pay homage to one of the first guys out there who said, “Hey, it's OK to be a man. It's good to be a guy.” God bless you, Mr. Bly.
This picture, “Do Those Dishes” is still one that fills me with a certain sense of dread. The posture, the closed eyes, and the feeling like the weight of the world's dishes are bearing down on this poor sucker's shoulders just gives me goosebumps.
This last image, “You're Not Even Trying To Understand Me!”, is symbolically one that may resonate with some guys who feel “stuck in a corner” like this image. I was playing a bit with some different postures, and asked the other guys to “cringe” for me. They didn't cringe so much, but this image turned out pretty good in the end anyway!
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